Meet Our New Associates: Eliana, Cam & Liam!

Eliana is thrilled to be joining the Bent River Records team as an associate for the 2019-2020 year! They are looking forward to being involved in many aspects of the team, including but not limited to community outreach, volunteer coordination, distribution, and marketing. Eliana is currently completing their Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance at MacEwan University. Outside of time spent at MacEwan, Eliana is a music educator, multidisciplinary artist and craftsperson, burlesque dancer, and community organizer. They recently started their own project, WARA WARA, which combines sounds of folk and rock to create music and poetry that is raw, vulnerable, and politically charged.

Cam is in his third year of studies in the design program at MacEwan. He has a passion for branding, playing with typography, rock climbing, and has always been intrigued by album cover artwork. It’s always neat to see the choices that artists make; how letterforms interact with images on the page, etc. He’ll use any opportunity he gets to incorporate hand-lettered type into his projects. When a project in his second year typography class turned out to be a competition to design an album cover, he was super excited. And after being selected as the winner of the record cover design competition, Cam took interest in the record label and thought it would be a great opportunity to take a deeper dive into the workings of the music industry. This year he’ll be working as an associate for the label, focusing on graphic design. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

As a third year design student, Liam is very excited to start working with the Bent River Records team this year! “I am passionate about music and have been drawn to and inspired by album artwork for as long as I can remember, and am ready to see how my interests and inspirations can contribute to the success of Macewan’s label. Beyond design I am a practicing mixed-media printmaker working out of SNAP studios, and successfully held my first solo exhibition titled “Fear of the Void” at the end of August.” —Liam