Bent River Records is an innovative and artist-focused record label based in Edmonton, Canada that inspires community and student engagement.

Bent River Records contributes to MacEwan University’s educational responsibility in the cultural sector by providing unique learning opportunities for students to work with emerging and established recording artists in an applied setting, and gain experience in the music industry. The record label aims to become a model for interdisciplinary cooperation, encouraging collaboration between various programs and faculties, while facilitating mentorship, educational, and research opportunities for MacEwan students and faculty.

Bent River Records values everyone equally and strives to represent diversity through our actions. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that represents artists and staff of diverse backgrounds, respecting and valuing everyone equally, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or physical ability. We understand that this will be a continuous effort, and that we must strive to include equity and inclusion practices at the centre of our daily work. We also recognize the systemic barriers that have led to many people being underserved within the music industry, and will continue to do work to amplify and uplift voices that reflect MacEwan’s diverse community.

Founded and established by faculty members Paul Johnston, Head of Recording for the Department of Music, and Rose Ginther, Associate Dean for the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, Bent River Records is one of Canada’s few university record labels and one of the only active university labels in the country. The project is entering its sixth year of existence in 2020/21 and is going strong with several new releases planned for this academic year.

Contact Information
MacEwan University
Allard Hall
11110 – 104 Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5K 1M9

Bent River Records Team2023/24

Connor Archibald
Brandon Baker
Kristjan Buckingham
Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
Russell Comrie
Rose Ginther
Paul Johnston
Megan Sell