Even When I’m Dreaming




Track Listing

  1. Sky Hook 6:29
  2. Roots of the Poet 7:06
  3. Eyes of Tranquility 5:31
  4. Bright Blues 6:20
  5. Roots of the Seeker 3:10
  6. I Could Write a Book (Rodgers and Hart) 5:24
  7. Even When I’m Dreaming 5:45
  8. After The Rain / Transition (Coltrane) 4:59

Thank you to Gentiane, Ira, Michel and Caity for their artistry, generosity, and musical contributions, in bringing the music to life on this album. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Lianne Currie for believing in me and providing her constant support and encouragement. I want to express appreciation to Pat Bruzzese, Carmela Piazza, Giulia Bruzzese and my extended family, for always being there, from the beginning of my musical journey. Thanks to Emmanuel Lacopo for his friendship and inspiration. I would also like to express my gratitude to André White, Kevin Dean, Carlos Jiménez and Nick Di Tomaso for their mentorship. Lastly, thank-you to Joel Giberovitch, Aaron Dolman, Paul Johnston, Kristjan Buckingham, Bent River Records and all of my friends who have supported me along the way.

Special thanks to MacEwan University’s Provost, Dr. Craig Monk, for his ongoing support of Bent River Records.

Mike Bruzzese – Guitar
Gentiane MG – Piano
Ira Coleman – Bass
Michel Lambert – Drums
Caity Gyorgy – Voice (Track 7)

Produced by Mike Bruzzese
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Daniel Cinelli
Recorded at Planet Studios
Executive Producer Craig Monk
Photography by Amelya Hempstead
Album Packaging Design by Kristjan Buckingham

Tracks 1-5, 7 composed and arranged by Mike Bruzzese
Tracks 6, 8 arranged by Mike Bruzzese