Pipe Dreams




Track Listing

  1. Note Walker (Don Menza) 6:28
  2. Blackie & Mackie (Jim Walker) 4:52
  3. Jewish Buddha (Jim Walker) 8:17
  4. These Flutes Are Made for Walkin’ (Gordon Goodwin) 6:41
  5. Stella by Starlight (Victor Young) 8:01
  6. Santiago (Jim Walker) 7:04
  7. Cherokee (Ray Noble) 5:45
  8. Pipe Dreams (Allan Gilliland)
    I. Choroque 6:54
    II. Bhairav 6:26
    III. Feadog 7:02

The Generations Big Band is an idea 50 years in the making. It is a Big Band comprised of MacEwan University faculty, students, and alumni who perform and record music written by faculty, students, and alumni. Pipe Dreams features this All-Star Ensemble in a recording that celebrates the career of legendary flutist Jim Walker.

Few other flutists in history have made such indelible marks as Jim Walker has in so many musical circles. From jazz to pop to classical, television to film to the concert hall, he has never met a crowd that didn’t love his powerful “stand and deliver” performances. His playing became the gold standard from Hollywood to Carnegie Hall and unlocked the door to studio and concert collaborations with John Williams, Paul McCartney, Wayne Shorter, and Leonard Bernstein. Some of the 750 scores he recorded include Aladdin, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Star Trek – Wrath of Khan, Jurassic Park, Titanic, Toy Story, E.T., and Memoirs of a Geisha.

This record showcases two compositions by Jim Walker, as well as music written for Jim by legendary writers like Bill Holman, Don Menza, and Gordon Goodwin. It also includes the premiere recording of Pipe Dreams, a Jazz Concerto for Flute and Big Band written by Allan Gilliland and commissioned by Dennis Prime and the Cantando Music Festival.

Jim Walker — flute /alto flute/piccolo
Raymond Baril — director
Kent Sangster — alto saxophone
Dana Anderson — alto saxophone
Jim Brenan — tenor saxophone
Jeremiah McDade — tenor saxophone
Aidane Schafer — baritone saxophone
Joel Gray — trumpet
Doug Berner — trumpet
Marlouie Saique — trumpet
Elissa Moores — trumpet
Craig Brenan — trombone
Matt White — trombone
Madeline Vandersluys — trombone
Ken Read — bass trombone
Chris Andrew — piano
Jim Head — guitar
Rubim de Toledo — bass
Dave Laing — drums

Produced by Allan Gilliland, Raymond Baril, Paul Johnston & Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
Recorded by Paul Johnston & Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
Recorded at MacEwan University, Studio A, May 2022
Mixed by Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering
Assistant Engineers: Reinette Schabert, Carla Lenfesty, Evan Delainey, Levon Vokins, Josh Bauer
Executive Producer Craig Monk
Liner notes by Allan Gilliland

Special thanks to MacEwan University’s Provost, Dr. Craig Monk, for his ongoing support of Bent River Records and TD Bank for their generous support of this project.

Album Design by Suzuanne Burwash, DESN 231, Typography II, Design, MacEwan University

Design Management by Constanza Pacher, Associate Professor

Bent River Records Team 2022/23:
Rose Ginther, Paul Johnston, Padraig Buttner-Schnirer, Brandon Baker, Gladwyn Badger, Kristjan Buckingham, Josh Siemens, Kaitlyn Tupper