Be Kind Chandelle Rimmer and Tom Van Seters

Up and Over Up and Over Trio

Even When I’m Dreaming Mike Bruzzese

Prismatic Jim Head

Fresh Cuts from MacEwan Music Vol. 1

Play It Forward: A Tribute to Bobby Cairns The Bobby Cairns Legacy Band

Going Down Slow Kevin Dean

Dreaming: The Prague Sessions Allan Gilliland

Mosàfer Farhad Khosravi

Salome’s Dance: The Mike Rud Trio Invites Peter Bernstein Mike Rud

Bloodless Arches Ways in Waves

Reverence Kent Sangster’s Obsessions Octet

Sunset Trail Kevin Dean and the Big City Wrangles

Under a Dancing Sky Kate Blechinger

Déductions Rémi-Jean LeBlanc

Stillness Falls Chandelle Rimmer & Tom Van Seters

Rags and Feathers Mallory Chipman

Jondo Joshua Rager Nonet

High School Fantasy Acid Bunny

Steppin’Up Kent Sangster’s Obsessions Octet

Nocturnalize Mallory Chipman

Miniatures Mike Rud