Track Listing

  1. the stone 7:11 
  2. dawnstruck 8:16 
  3. blue shift 7:56 
  4. showtime 5:21 
  5. potter’s wheel 9:23 
  6. prismatic 6:41 
  7. waking dream 6:34 
  8. state of the union 5:33 

Recorded September 1 & 2 2022 at OCL Studios 
Recorded, mixed and produced by Paul Johnston 
Mastered by Guy Hebert, Concrete Mastering 
Photography and Design by Maaike Kuypers,
Executive Production by Craig Monk
Bent River Records Team Gladwyn Badger, Brandon Baker, Kristjan Buckingham, Padraig Buttner-Schnirer, Alexa Cable, Dylan Cave, Rose Ginther, Keegan Hewitt, Paul Johnston, Chris Larsen, Carolina Odashima, Valentina Osorio, Larisa Pitchko, Ian Small 

Potter’s Wheel was inspired by a solo improvisation performed by Chris Potter at a masterclass in 2002.

Thank You Susan, Zoe, and Sam for your love, patience, and support Kelly, Chris, Rémi-Jean, Dave, and Paul for your beautiful work on this project Rose Ginther, Paul Johnston, and everyone at Bent River Records Jeremiah McDade, Josh McHan, and Mark Segger for your contributions in workshopping this music.

Special thanks to MacEwan University’s Provost, Dr. Craig Monk, for his ongoing support of Bent River Records.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council for your generous support.

This record is dedicated to my parents, Marg and Ken Head.