Bloodless Arches



Track Listing

  1. Tell Us Everything (3:38)
  2. Preservationist (4:45)
  3. All Ears (3:24)
  4. Fellow (3:47)
  5. Hurting Other People (6:19)
  6. Hold (6:11)
  7. Catching Up (4:27)
  8. Artifacted Living (3:00)
  9. Vacant Drifters (5:13)
  10. Wing to Collar (Part 1) (4:17)
  11. Wing to Collar (Part 2) (4:29)

Bloodless Arches as a whole was conceptualized as an album that takes the listener through the paces of making it through a bad day. The album begins focused on personal experiences, but zooms out toward the end of the track list. “Vacant Drifters” is where one falls asleep, and by this point the focus has shifted to the loss of self, the obfuscation of identity, and poses the question: is identity – self – worth holding on to? “Wing To Collar” is the dream conjured by the experiences throughout the day, which was inspired by a recurring dream.

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