Under a Dancing Sky



Track Listing

  1. Prairie Plains
  2. Night in the City
  3. Qu’appelle
  4. Both Sides Now
  5. All I Want
  6. Going On
  7. Cellophane
  8. Blue
  9. River Flowing (Metamorphosis)
  10. Out of Fear
  11. Black Crow
  12. Ladies of the Canyon

Edmonton based jazz vocalist, Kate Blechinger, is ecstatic to release her debut album, Under a Dancing Sky, at the Yardbird Suite.  Under a Dancing Sky features innovative folk-jazz arrangements of Joni Mitchell’s compositions alongside several of Kate’s original songs which are inspired by the Canadian musical icon’s legacy.  This collection of songs is a tribute not only to Joni Mitchell, who turned 75 years old last November, but also to Kate’s experiences growing up on the prairies.

“No matter what I do or where I go, I will always treasure the prairies, and my prairie kinship with Joni Mitchell. I have tried to capture a sense of space and place, a sonic tribute to the lush landscapes, sweeping golden fields, vast valleys, and jewel-toned lakes that we hail from. After countless hours of arranging, composing, rehearsing, and creating in the studio, I have finally recorded my versions of several of Joni Mitchell’s songs alongside my original compositions. This album has been a pure labour of love, fueled by my passion to do Joni’s songs justice, and my desire to share my unique musical voice and express my own stories. Here I pay homage not only to Joni, but to the prairies and the many powerful women who have shaped, supported, and inspired me along my own journey. Thank you, Joni, for the gift of endless inspiration.”

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