Mike Rud

Mike Rud is a Juno Award-winning guitarist and composer, who has performed alongside such musicians as Herb Ellis and Joey DeFrancesco. In New York City in 1996, Mike studied with the great Jim Hall and recorded his debut album featuring Jorge Rossy, Joe Martin, Bill McHenry, and John Stetch. More recently, Mike renewed his connection with great American jazz guitarists, performing with John Stowell, Chris Flory, and of course Peter Bernstein, who Mike has known since 1992.

Mike’s 2014 Juno Award-winning album Notes on Montreal, a critically acclaimed tour-de-force, features his lyrics and compositions. It was inspired by literature set in Montreal (Michel Tremblay, Gabrielle Roy, etc.), and sung by Sienna Dahlen. Mike’s 2015 solo release, Miniatures, delighted audiences across Canada, creating the effect of a small group with only his voice and his guitar. 

Beyond writing and arranging, Mike is a music educator, and has taught at McGill University, Western Washington University, Carleton University, and Selkirk College. Currently based out of LOCATION, Mike is the proud father of two daughters, Kelly and Abby. 




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