Track Listing

  1. September Song  (3:56)
  2. Just One of Those Things  (2:50)
  3. Nature Boy  (4:10)
  4. Sweet Loraine  (2:27)
  5. Such a Night  (3:29)
  6. Florentine  (4:50)
  7. Robin’s Walk (Smile for Me Baby)  (2:59)
  8. Emily  (2:18)
  9. But Not for Me  (3:01)
  10. Parc Lafontaine  (3:54)
  11. You Must Believe in Spring  (3:10)
  12. Dexterity  (1:29)
  13. You Have to Practice Slow (Bach Invention Number 8)  (2:35)
  14. Laura  (1:47)

Miniatures finds Rud playing and singing standards, the occasional original, and a humorous take on a familiar ditty from J.S. Bach. No guests appear, no overdubs were used to aid the production, and nothing takes attention away from Rud, so his split-brained brilliance constantly shines through. Most who simultaneously sing and play guitar tend to be forced by limitation to let one skill work in obvious deference to the other, but Rud’s ability to separate and connect his guitar playing and vocal work is astounding. Yes, everybody knows him best as a guitarist, but that doesn’t stop him from flexing his flexible pipes while working magic with his hands. Rud flies through “Just One Of Those Things” and never misses a beat, he’s able to create space and atmosphere in his open approach to “Nature Boy,” and he demonstrates extreme independence in his merging of vocal bass lines with fleet-fingered guitar melodies on a brief and impressive “Dexterity”… Mike Rud’s skills as guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and technically-adept craftsman are all tied up together in this neat little package.

— Excerpt from All About Jazz article.

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Album Credits

Mike Rud – Guitar, Vocals

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