Bent River Records is an innovative and artist-focused record label based in Edmonton, Canada that inspires community and student engagement.

Bent River Records (BRR) is MacEwan University’s record label.  It is an innovative learning lab project that was founded with an aim to respond to the dramatic changes that have occurred in the recording industry over the past 20 years. The label enables artists to access recording and promotional assistance in exchange for providing learning opportunities for students. This exchange builds capacity in the sector with graduates who are more fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. The BRR label management team is comprised of students, faculty and alumni from Design, Arts and Cultural Management and Music.

Founded and established by faculty members Paul Johnston (Department of Music) and Rose Ginther (Department of Arts and Cultural Management), Bent River Records is one of Canada’s few university record labels and one of the only active university labels in the country. Currently there are eight records on the Bent River Records roster: Déductions (Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, Montreal), Stillness Falls (Chandelle Rimmer and Tom Van Seters, Edmonton), Rags and Feathers: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen (Mallory Chipman, Edmonton), Jondo (Joshua Rager Nonet, Montreal), High School Fantasy (Acid Bunny, Montreal), Steppin’ Up (Obsessions Octet, Edmonton), Nocturnalize (Mallory Chipman), Miniatures (Mike Rud, Montreal), and more to add this year.

Bent River Records was conceived and designed with the dual purpose of providing a support network for recording artists while providing an important and rare educational and research platform for students to obtain hands-on experience in the music industry. The project is entering its fifth year of existence in 2019/20 and is gaining momentum with several new releases planned for this academic year.

Contact Information
MacEwan University
Allard Hall
11110  104 Ave
Edmonton, AB  T5K 1M9

Bent River Records Team, 2019/20
Kristjan Buckingham
Rose Ginther
Shantel Heit
Paul Johnston
Liam Macgregor
Nathalie Parent
Eliana Parrado
Erin Yamabe
Cam Zimmel