Song Writing Competition 2/3 – Composition Competition

The Bent River Records Songwriting Competition was conceived as a way to provide competitive songwriting opportunities to MacEwan students while honouring our Provost and benefactor, Dr. Craig Monk. Songwriters are invited to write a song based on the theme of Gratitude and using the provided lyrics.

The competition will accept up to two submissions per participant. 

The songs must be based on the provided lyrics and may incorporate some or all of the melodic or harmonic material in the provided demos, but this is optional. If the existing melody or chords from the demo is used, additional writing credit will be given to the originator.


To be considered, participants will deliver the following:

  1. A Lyric sheet with chords, or a leadsheet (.pdf format)
  2. A One minute demo recording of the song (.mp3 format)
  3. Please upload all deliverables using the submissioin form. You must label the folder with the title of your song and your name.

The lyric sheet or lead sheet must be clear and easy to read, and must include all chords and lyrics in the song. 

The demo recording must be a professional-sounding, broadcast-ready version of your song. It will be at least one minute in length, which will be an incomplete version that accurately reflects your vision for the song. The demo must include vocals.

Competition Winners

A Bent River Records jury panel will choose two winners for this competition, one winner for each song, who will be awarded a prize of $750 each.

The winners of this competition will have the opportunity to complete their song in collaboration with the original lyricist, and with the assistance of Assistant Professor, John McMillan.

Any questions may be directed to John McMillan at

The lyrics and initial audio demo can be found along with the submission form HERE

PRIZE: $750.00 honorarium

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 12:00 pm MST on February 26, 2024