Open House

Come one, come all to MacEwan University’s 2019 open house! On Saturday, November 2nd, the school will be bustling with activity as new and prospective students come to campus to get a sense of what MacEwan is all about. Of course, we suggest that you take a trip to Allard Hall to enjoy some musical performances and meet some of our lovely associates!

From 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., Bent River Records will have a booth set up in the main atrium in Allard Hall, and whether you’re an Albertan musician, a prospective student, or you’re already studying or working at MacEwan, we’ll be ready to answer all of your questions about our artists, our competitions, and our place in the university community. And of course, information flows two ways. Tell us about your favourite artist on our roster or provide some feedback about our work in your community! Our associates would love to hear your thoughts and share their knowledge with you, so come on down and say hi!