Designing ‘Be Kind’ with Simon Dechant

Simon Dechant is the winner of the 2021 Album Design Competition in partnership with the MacEwan Bachelor of Design program. Scroll on to read about the designing of the album Be Kind!

Be Kind by Chandelle Rimmer and Tom Van Seters is releasing this week on November 24, debuting at our Artist Spotlight at the Yardbird Suite! Join us at 7pm for a night of live music! 

What was it like to participate in the album design competition?

It was a difficult project! I went through so many revisions that I can’t even remember them all. I had to start from scratch at least three times! Once I figured out how I wanted to tackle it conceptually through the rationale, it all came together. This excerpt [from the rationale] really captures the vision that the album cover is based around: “Smoke is fluid and beautiful in its waves and patterns, but it is also vulnerable. It goes away with a wave of a hand and is only captured in a single moment, never making the same shape twice.”

How does it feel knowing that your design is actually being produced and put out into the world for people to buy and enjoy?

I’m sure this is a standard answer, but it’s honestly very surreal. I’m super excited to see it in the M Store! I will definitely be showing all my friends.

Checkout more of Simon’s work on Instagram at dechantsdesigns.