Meet Our New Student Interns!

Hi all!

My name is Kaitlyn Tupper and I’m so excited to be joining the Bent River Records team this semester as a design intern! I’m in my third year of the Bachelor of Design program here at MacEwan, and I’m particularly interested in print, publication design, and branding. 

I’ve always had a personal love for music, with a growing collection of vinyls of my own, so working at Bent River Records is the perfect opportunity to blend my love of both music and design. I’m looking forward to learning more about the intersections between the two disciplines and experiencing the industry in a professional capacity.

I call Edmonton home, and when I’m not busy designing I enjoy baking, painting, and making earrings – anything that gets creativity flowing! 

Hi, I’m Josh Siemens, and interning with Bent River Records is an opportunity I plan to take full advantage of. Being a fifth-year student at MacEwan university, I’m starting to look for more practical ways to apply the knowledge I gained. Bent River Records is the perfect start to this, by being able to work in a professional environment and working with my instructor. Connections are how the music business runs, and meeting other artists and producers in the Edmonton area will be an amazing start. I have recorded with MacEwan previously on a couple of projects, including tenor sax in the 2019 MacEwan Big Band, and as a studio tech, fixing and repairing the studio. 

As mentioned, this is my fifth year at MacEwan in the Recording and Studio Production Major. I did not start in the recording program originally but in the Performance program, where I studied saxophone. I have been playing saxophone for thirteen years, including seven years in the marching bands in Calgary. This gave me worldwide performances, as well as a world championship in 2019. I visited various places such as Chicago, California, Halifax, and many others. My favorite memory in marching band is parading down Mainstreet USA in Disneyland. This performance experience continues to give me a unique perspective on the program and at Bent River Records. I transferred because I have a past with technology, being a part of many clubs, theatre productions, and live shows in the past, and it is a way to connect my love for music with my skills with technology. This love for music and technology continues today outside of school, as I freelance part-time in similar circles of audio and lighting. 

2022 Bent River Records Artist Spotlight

We are excited to announce that the 2022 Bent River Records Artist Spotlight event taking place live and in person! It will take place on the 21st of April, 2022 at MacEwan University in the Triffo Theatre. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and showtime is at 7:00 pm!

The evening includes performances to celebrate Bent River Record’s 2022 releases. The first performance features 2021 Art Song Competition winner Cynthia Hamar, performing her song “Where your Love Lives”, which will also be featured on her upcoming release later this year.

Our final featured performers of the evening include the composer and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, Allan Gilliland, conducting an orchestra, and featuring PJ Perry and several MacEwan faculty members, showcasing pieces from Gilliland’s album Dreaming: The Prague Sessions. The entire Bent River Records catalogue and merchandise will also be available for purchase at the event.

This event is FREE, however, attendees are encouraged to RSVP and to be prepared to show their ticket on their mobile device upon arrival. Tickets can be reserved at

Digital Program

SilverStream Battle of the Bands Competition

Attention MacEwan Music community!

Are you in a band? Do you wanna have your music recorded? Does Studio A sound better than your parent’s basement for a recording space? Well, we at SilverStream have an opportunity for you!

Introducing the first annual SilverStream Battle of the Bands! We want you to send in your best demos or come audition for us live for the chance to fight it out for the top spot at a live show at On The Rocks on the 1st of May. The winner will be awarded three days in MacEwan’s top-of-the-line studios, professional videography for social media, and digital distribution!

Bands must have demos submitted, or be signed up for live auditions by April 24th. Bands must consist of two or more members and must contain at least ONE CURRENT MACEWAN STUDENT.

Auditions will be held at MacEwan University’s Betty Andrew’s Recital Hall on April 26th from 2 pm onwards.

Digital Audition Requirements: 2x MP3 demos + lead sheets/lyrics OR 2x video demos + lead sheets/lyrics. Please note that demo quality is not an issue. That’s what the studio time is for! A voice memo recording or similar will be sufficient.

Click here to sign up for live auditions!

Cover Art Competition Now Open to All MacEwan Students!

Calling all artists!

In the spirit of MacEwan’s long history of artistic collaborations, Bent River Records (BRR) is offering an opportunity to have your design featured on collaborative original work.

This competition honours the continued support of MacEwan’s Provost and Vice-President, Academic, Dr. Craig Monk. His generous contributions to Bent River Records have made student opportunities like this possible. This contest is open to all currently enrolled (Winter 2022) MacEwan students.

ABOUT THE COMPETITION: Artists will submit original cover artwork for the second volume of the Bent River Special Release series. The two pieces featured on the release are the result of our recent Songwriting and Composition competitions with MacEwan Department of Music students, featuring lyrics by Esther Forseth, and compositions by Aaron Addorisio and Esther Forseth. Please see the full lyrics for “Preacher’s Daughter” below:

Preacher’s Daughter
Written by Esther Forseth

Gentle, rocking motion
Like a baby that you’re holding
Keeping it subtle as you’re towing
Me out farther in the ocean

You’re the creature in the water
I’m the preacher’s youngest daughter
Find me swimming with the fishes
Free from breathing old traditions

Weighted wicker basket,
They see freedom as a casket
We’re meant to be one with the water
seeping, swelling into wonder

Shallow breath, a heavy chest
There’s a world that’s under
Heavy fire of promises and guilt to uncover
Diving deeper I’m a seeker
Searching for other ways to live
That let us into what we discover

You’re the creature in the water
I’m the preacher’s youngest daughter
Find me swimming with the fishes
Free from breathing old traditions

Shallow breath, a heavy chest
There’s a world that’s under
Heavy fire of promises and guilt to uncover

You’re the creature in the water
I’m the preacher’s youngest-

A downloadable PDF of “Preacher’s Daughter” is available here:

SPECIFICATIONS: Each artist may submit up to two (2) original art pieces for consideration as 300 ppi jpegs. The final output of the vinyl release will be 7.75” x 7.75” (7.5” square plus 0.125” bleeds), CMYK, at 300ppi. However, entries may be submitted in RGB format and, if selected, the artist will work with an advisor to colour correct for print.

The selected artwork must meet these specifications, but the artist may otherwise determine their chosen medium and format. Use of conventional art mediums and mixed media are encouraged, as well as concepts that are open-to-interpretation and can appeal to a wide audience. Use of popular comic or anime genres are not sought for this call. The artist will also submit a one paragraph rationale (maximum of 150 words), explaining their process and how their submission connects to the songs provided.

Please, DO NOT include your name or signature on the art works and rationales since the final selection will be completed by an independent panel.

The winner will be announced on the Bent River Records social media and contacted individually.

PRIZE: $750.00 honorarium

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 4:00 pm MST on March 28th, 2022.


TERMS & CONDITIONS: The author will retain all intellectual property, and BRR will only have the right to print a limited run of the music department CD as well as a single version, both of which will be for promotional purposes only.

Adjudication will be completed by a panel of jurors selected by BRR, and will contain members of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communication and representatives of BRR. The anonymity of entrants will be maintained; judges will not know the identity of the artists they are evaluating until after adjudication is complete.

Bent River Records values, promotes and prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion in all of its work. We recognize the systemic barriers that have led to many artists being underrepresented and will continue to do work to amplify and uplift voices that reflect Edmonton’s diverse communities. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that represents diverse backgrounds.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Congratulations to Our Composition Competition Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Composition Competition. We are happy to announce that the winners have been selected by our wonderful jury. We were impressed by the originality and professionalism of the work submitted!

Category 1 – lead sheet winner: Esther Forseth
Category 2 – fully notated score winner: Aaron Addorisio

Honourable mention to Ryan Johnson, and thanks to all who submitted — your work truly inspired us!

Also, we want to thank our jurors for their time and for deciding on the winners for this competition. 

We are extremely happy with this year’s results and your submissions. It’s amazing to see how much talent exists among our students and we were so impressed with all who participated.